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Criminal Defense

Personal Injury




Since 2007 Kenyon C. Trachte, Esq. has handled all aspects of criminal defense in thousands of cases ranging from simple violations to class A felonies with many very successful outcomes.


Our office has experience with a wide range of personal injury cases where we have obtained very favorable settlements for our clients.  Working with experienced paralegals, we take each case so seriously that if the case requires more than one attorney to get the results we need, we bring in experienced outside counsel with the expertise needed at our cost.  If there is no recovery, there is no fee.



Many people often do not realize the potential ramifications of points on your license.  Not only can you be suspended, or experience enhanced car insurance costs, but the DMV may use those points in conjunction with other convictions to revoke your privilege to drive in New York for 5 to 10 years or even for life.  It is well worth it to have an attorney handle any offense where points are a possibility.


Here at Trachte Law Office PC, a small boutique firm, you will always be dealing personally with the owner Kenyon C. Trachte, Esq.  Unlike many larger firms where you may find yourself talking to paralegals or appearing in court with newly admitted attorneys, representation by a boutique law office guarantees that you will always be dealing with an experienced attorney handling your case personally from start to finish.



Kenyon Trachte graduated from Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, PA, with a BA in Special Studies: Expert Scientific Testimony in the Courtroom (Biochemistry – Sociology).  He received his Juris Doctorate from Dickinson School of Law, Carlisle, PA in May 2006, undertaking an Independent Study on The Federal Sentencing Guidelines and participating in Amnesty International.
In 2007 he joined his Uncle and founding member of Trachte Law Office, the now Hon. Paul Trachte, as an associate attorney, gaining diverse experience in both Criminal and Civil law by working on thousands of different types of cases involving legal research and complex issues.  Additionally, the small office size allowed him to receive direct courtroom training from one of the most highly regarded attorneys in the Hudson Valley.  A member of the New York State Bar since 2007, Kenyon was admitted to practice in Federal Court in the Southern District of New York in June of 2010.
In 2012 Kenyon became a partner in Trachte Law Office PC, and upon the founding member's departure for the bench in 2014, Kenyon took full ownership and the role of principal attorney for Trachte Law Office PC.

Criminal Practice

  • Responsible for all legal pleadings, legal research, motion practice, letter drafting for Trachte Law Office, PC.

  • Have worked on over 4,000 cases from arraignment through disposition on charges ranging from traffic violations to murder in the 1st degree

  • Experienced with in-courtroom litigation on misdemeanors and felonies, including administrative hearings, pre-trial suppression hearings, jury selection, bench and jury trials

  • Skilled with the development of trial strategies consistent with the clients’ expectations and practical considerations involving the ability to testify and my evaluation of the strength of the prosecution’s evidence

  • Knowledgeable about highly technical cases involving complex wiretapping, video surveillance, GPS tracking and multi-agency multi-jurisdiction investigations at both the State and Federal level

  • Expert in constitutional based suppression issues involving search, seizure, Miranda rights, confessions, witness identifications, etc.

  • Accomplished with working with multiple attorneys in multi-co-defendant cases to develop a cohesive strategy that meets each client’s individual needs

  • Familiar with technical issues involving application of sentence and available programs dealing with Parole and the Department of Corrections

  • Experienced with both Parole and Probation violation hearings

  • Practiced at defending interlocutory appeals at oral argument, as well as with prosecuting appeals after conviction on behalf of defendants in both the Appellate Term and Appellate Division, including correctly preserving key issues for appeal in motions, and during hearings and trial

  • Skilled in negotiating very favorable plea-bargains and dispositions by utilizing all the tools available to the defense, and experienced with getting difficult clients to make the best decision for their future

  • Proficient in the tools used by the courts to promote fairness and efficiency, including diversion court, drug court and domestic violence court

  • Member of the 18-B Panel in both Ulster and Orange Counties handling Misdemeanors and Felonies

  • Experienced with assigned prosecution work on both misdemeanors and felonies when conflicts force the District Attorney’s Office to recuse


   Civil Practice

  • Managing/Sole Attorney for the Personal Injury division, responsible for all depositions, motion practice, legal research, settlement and verdict research and decisions on settlement, managing certified paralegals and secretary

  • Proficient with cases involving private parties, multiple defendants, allocation of fault

  • Experienced with actions against municipalities/government agencies for personal injury, as well as for improper forfeiture of seized funds in criminal cases

  • Accomplished with cases involving wrongful death requiring supplemental surrogate’s action, as well as with cases requiring special procedures for infant minors

  • Competent with Medicare/Medicaid as well as private lien negotiation

  • Knowledgeable with defense of private parties against their own insurers involving declaratory judgments on notice issues, payment of defense costs and indemnification

  • Have litigated and settled cases with very successful outcomes

  • Have defended clients in supreme court civil litigation who were not given counsel through their private insurance

Tel: 845-565-3999





Physical Address:

1662 Route 300, Suite 133

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Mailing Address:

1662 Route 300, Mailbox # 12

Newbugh, NY 12550

Tel:  845-565-3999

Fax:  845-565-3997

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